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Club 100

NOTICE Club 100 Online Order Has been suspended for now!
This order form *may* be reinstated at some point.

Most everything offered by Club 100 is listed here. For a full description of these items go to the Catalog feature. If you do not see what you want, ask -- I shipped a several boxes of stuff from Rick's warehouse to San Diego. As always your support and goodwill are greatly appreciated. -Ken-

SECURE CREDIT CARD ORDERS This is a simple form that sends your order to my email box by way of secure server at Lizard Hill Hosting, our host provider. Upon receipt, I delete the email from the server and process the order. This is the same system Rick used for over 20 years, and none of his customers ever had a problem with an emailed credit card order. However, if you are concerned, see "OPTIONS" at the end of this page.

Official PayPal Seal Yes. You may purchase Club 100 products via PAYPAL but not via a shopping cart. Use the Online Order Form to order your items. Simply check the Pay by Paypal or Credit Card box. I will total your order, add shipping and get back to you with Paypal Invoice. Simply pay the invoice. When you do, I will receive an email statement and complete your order.

PLEASE NOTE: If you'd like to pay with a credit card, check the box as mentioned above. I will send a Paypal Invoice which you may pay using just about any of the popular credit cards ... and, you do not need a Paypal account to be able to pay the Paypal Invoice with your credit card. Is that nifty or what?

...beyond what's offered here

If you are looking for manuals, keys, key tops, portable printers and other stuff and things, I may have what you are looking for in my warehouse. Simply send me an email message.

...Model "T"s!

NOTE: I saved a number of grades of Model 100s, 102s and 200s from brand new to various levels of like-new to shop grade. Inventory availability is not consistent so please contact me first to see what I have in stock at that time. I will do my best to meet your budget and expectations.

Model 102
32K Pristine ... How many? $350 ea (check with me first!)
32K Like-New ... How many? $250 ea (in stock)
24K Shop-Grade ... How many? $150 ea (in stock)

Model 100
32K Pristine ... How many? $200 ea (check with me first!)
32K Like-New ... How many? $150 ea (in stock)
24K Shop-Grade ... How many? $75 ea (in stock)

Model 200
24K ... (one available at this time) How many? $200 ea (ask)

New Age Digital Storage Box

Throw your TPDD/TPDD2 away and forget cables and programs for file transfer. New Age Digital Storage Box ... solid state storage to a media card which can be read on a PC! ... plugs into the RS232 port and is accessed by ts-dos just like a drive. This is the product of the century for Model T computing.

Was originally $195 ea, No longer available.


REX is the ultimate option ROM/RAM add-on ... providers the user with 16 option ROM banks and 16 RAM banks ... it's like having 16 Model 100s or Model 102s. An amazing product. Comes pre-loaded with TS-DOS ROM and works directly with NADSBox.

REX 100/102
... How many? $60 ea (stock refresh in transit to Club100)

REX 200
... How many? $60 ea (1 in stock)

...on CDs!

Portable 100 Magazine 2, CD Set
Portable 100 Magazine - all 10 years. Now you can relive the golden age of Model 100 computing. Included is all ten years of this magazine in .pdf scans, and an index of the articles on the mags. This is an incredible resource, but that's not all. The CDs are self booting and browser driven for super easy access. Even the old guys will have no problem enjoying this exciting collection. All you need is a CD player and Adobe Acrobat. This is a MUST HAVE resource.
... How many? $30 set of 2 (in stock)


Replacement Internal NiCD Battery
... How many? $6.00 ea (in stock)

Replacement LCD
Model 100 ... How many? $40.00 ea (a few in stock)
Model 102 ... How many? $40.00 ea (a few in stock)
Model 200 ... How many? $40.00 ea (none in stock)

Replacement Keyboards
Model 100 ... How many? $50.00 ea (ask about stock)
Model 102 ... How many? $50.00 ea (ask about stock)
Model 200 ... How many? $50.00 ea (maybe 1 in stock)

Replacement TPDD/TPDD2 Belt
... How many? $7 ea (in stock)

Expand your possibilities! A fully expanded Model 100 or 102 has 32K RAM. The Model 200 can be expanded to 3 banks of 24K each. Go ahead and place your order. If I am out of stock I will email you and your order will be next in line on the waiting list. If I have the RAM in stock I will ship, of course.
Model 100 8K RAM Module ... How many? $25 ea
Model 102 8K RAM Chip ... How many? $25 ea
Model 200 2 x 24K RAM Module (in stock) ... How many? $60 (you save $20 over 2 OEM units)
Model 200 24K RAM Module OEM (none available at this time) $40 ea
NEC PC8201a 8K RAM Module (same as Model 100) ... How many? $25 ea


Phone/Modem Cable
... How many? $10 ea (currently out of stock)

Printer Cable (new!)
... How many? $12 ea (in stock)

AC/DC Adaptor (new!)
... How many? $12 ea (in stock)
Note: The AC Adaptor used on a Model 100, 102 or 200, as well as the NEC PC8201a and the TPDD and TPDD2 disk drives must be negative center. Other 6v adaptors can be used but they MUST be negative center, NOT positive center.


Please Note: I have discontinued the reproduction of ROMware, but don't panic... yet. Contact me and I will see what I can do for you, personally. I have all of Rick's old programming equipment and can probably figure out how to use it.

SHIPPING A reasonable charge for shipping costs will be added to every order. I employ the United States Postal Service, worldwide, using the following guidelines...

$10.00 for orders from $0-$50
$15.00 for orders from $50-$99
$quote for orders from $100+

Don't Panic! ... I don't always charge the amount shown. If I feel the charge is to high, I will charge less. If it's too low, I will charge more. In all cases I charge close to the actual amount I have to pay the carrier. This is not rocket science so don't panic!

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are welcome.

Before you hit the send button, please remember that this form is just a convenience for organizing communications between you and I. If you change your mind, or have any questions or concerns, or if the form does not work for you, don't panic! Just email or call.

NOTICE: Ordering from Club100 has been suspended until further notice. Perhaps one day when I have more time / kids get older, I may be able to resume this service

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