Club 100

29th Anniversary Model 100 Programming Contest
"Dedicated to Music"

Club 100
This contest was cancelled for various reasons.
  1. The theme is "Dedicated to Music"
  2. This is a specific theme, thus all entries must deal with this theme or they will not be accepted.
  3. The drop-dead date to submit an entry is March 31st, 2012 ... do to the sucky 2010, members decided to move it from 2011 to 2012.
  4. Your objective is to submit a fully functional program with a documentation file explaining your program goal, your approach and any use details necessary.
  5. After all the programs are submitted, I will set up a separate blog page for each program and doc file, wherein people may download the files, test them out, and then make their comment.
  6. Judging will be by all of us in a blog-style, wherein every one and any one can chime in about what they like and not like about each program ... comments, suggestions, etc.
  7. Each participant will receive a token of appreciation from Club 100. Not sure what it will be ... could be a blue bag, an AC adaptor, a coupon to a local pizza join ... I don't know yet.
  8. And lastly, a group of us will be called upon to select those programs that reflect something special for what they are. Programs thus, will be judged on their specific merits and not against each other.

These "select programmers" will get full billing as winners of that years' contest on the contest home page ... forever!

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