Sun, 04 Apr 2010

Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation Program by Fred Whitaker (c)2010

Program Files:
ABGINT.BA -- The program in text form, it is not tokenized.
ABGINT.DO -- The program in text form with the document ending. This file can be loaded and run on the M100.
ABGDOC.DO -- The documentation for the program.
ABGLDR.DO -- This is a loader for the compiled version of the program. When it is loaded on the M100 it can be used to create ABGINT.CO which can then be run from the menu.

For those who have breathing problems such a program helps then to understand what is happening to their breathing. This is even more complicated by metabolic conditions that affect the breathing. The ABG, Arterial Blood Gas test, may be the best way to find out what is happening. Please read the documentation file ABGDOC.DO for details.

I hope that my naming the files the way I have does not cause problems, but I wanted to make it as easy as possible to transfer the program to the M100 and use it.

Note: The program must be run each time you wish to evaluate Arterial Blood Gas test results.
Fred Whitaker

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