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HEX2CO.100 hex2co for model 100 ASCII BASIC from CIS
1.33 Kb
27.10.2012 20:51

Willard Goosey

1.54 Kb
27.10.2012 20:52

Willard Goosey

asm80-2011-07-19.tar.gz New version of ASM80 cross-assembler compiles under modern GCC Generates correct Intel HEX files
16.47 Kb
31.05.2013 19:24

Willard Goosey New version of m100.def, 8085 source, and extra documenttion for the ASX cross assembler suite. Typos fixed, new system variables. Revamped miniHOWTO for ASX 5.2+
33.58 Kb
22.07.2019 21:59

Willard Goosey M100.DEF and macros for ASX. Updated comments
25.5 Kb
24.08.2017 03:49

Willard Goosey M100.DEF for ASxxxx assembler suite from FNDFIL fix, bugs in the documentation fixed
24.78 Kb
09.06.2017 09:22

Willard Goosey

hex2co.c From Chris Osburn's library
7.16 Kb
27.10.2012 21:13

Willard Goosey New version of m100.def and sample source for ASM80/ZMAC cross assemblers. typos fixed, new system variables wp2.def also updated.
31.04 Kb
22.07.2019 22:00

Willard Goosey Lastest and greatest M100.DEF for asm80 and ZMAC. Updated comments
29.93 Kb
24.08.2017 03:50

Willard Goosey M100.DEF my human-readable header file describing all the ROM calls in the Model 100, and friend functions. NEW fixes incorrect address in FNDFIL, bugs in the docs.
29.93 Kb
09.06.2017 09:20

Willard Goosey M100 library for Small C-85 and ASX. More RAM file and cassette I/O, support for calling other .CO files
199.59 Kb
27.11.2017 07:07

Willard Goosey

Total Space Used: 400.85 Kb

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