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embedding short ML routines in BASIC.txt
A howto file describing a technique for putting small ML routines into basic. This approach works for short routines that operate without any calls or jumps to locations within the code.
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19.09.2019 21:52
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the executable....
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18.09.2019 21:53
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HEX2DO Windows executable compiled from free basic Converts an M100 ML program in Intel HEX format to a compact .DO program for easy transfer and running in M100. --------------------------------------------- To turn the source code into the windows executable, you need Freebasic. the command is simple- fbc -lang qb %1.bas ---------------------- How it works: Starting from an Assembly program, compile it into Intel HEX - SRC.HEX The ORG address of the binary should be remembered; you will need to CLEAR to that address in the M100 later. Run HEX2DO in the same directory provide the source file name SRC - HEX2DO will process this to produce SRC.DO SRC.DO is transferable over serial to the M100 as a basic program in .DO format. In the M100, clear to the ORG address, and then load/run SRC.DO
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18.09.2019 18:47
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Instructions for using the LINE and XFER programs stored in SARDOS 1.70 for the NEC
802 b
14.09.2019 23:46
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SARDOS 1.70 for the NEC 8201/8300. This version is identical to 1.60 but I have used some of the extra space on the ROM for two utilities. LINE and XFER. Download SD170 INST.TXT for Instructions of how to use these new features.
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14.09.2019 23:37
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New version of m100.def and sample source for ASM80/ZMAC cross assemblers. typos fixed, new system variables wp2.def also updated.
31.04 Kb
22.07.2019 22:00
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New version of m100.def, 8085 source, and extra documenttion for the ASX cross assembler suite. Typos fixed, new system variables. Revamped miniHOWTO for ASX 5.2+
33.58 Kb
22.07.2019 21:59
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NEW version of Telemark cross assember defs and code. Typos fixed, more system variables added
22.38 Kb
22.07.2019 21:57
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This is the manual for the Windows version of mComm. It discusses installation, cable requirements, TPDD mode, and remote connections.
121.94 Kb
24.04.2019 02:59
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Installation manual for the Android version of mComm
66.58 Kb
24.04.2019 02:37

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