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A version of mComm written in Python. This version should work on any version of Linux. It depends on Python3 and Python3-serial but the installer will take care of adding those dependencies.
71.57 Kb
01.04.2020 17:31
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Selects the computer model based on screen size. Currently supports Model 100 and 200. This allows you to change your BASIC program's screen size based on the machine in use. Program is ASCII Encoded BASIC
72 b
21.03.2020 00:53
Download 12
Sets function keys to my preferred config. File is binary BASIC.
603 b
21.03.2020 00:51
Download 11
Beta version of mComm for REX/CPM with 8.3 filename support. THIS VERSION WILL NOT WORK FOR ANYTHING BUT REX/CPM!
482.27 Kb
15.03.2020 02:59
Download 42
Dungeon Master's Personnel Service. Cleaned up and optimised for the Model 100. From Dragon #74.
16.14 Kb
20.01.2020 22:57
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embedding short ML routines in BASIC.txt
A howto file describing a technique for putting small ML routines into basic. This approach works for short routines that operate without any calls or jumps to locations within the code.
5.48 Kb
19.09.2019 22:52
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the executable....
98.5 Kb
18.09.2019 22:53
Download 336
HEX2DO Windows executable compiled from free basic Converts an M100 ML program in Intel HEX format to a compact .DO program for easy transfer and running in M100. --------------------------------------------- To turn the source code into the windows executable, you need Freebasic. the command is simple- fbc -lang qb %1.bas ---------------------- How it works: Starting from an Assembly program, compile it into Intel HEX - SRC.HEX The ORG address of the binary should be remembered; you will need to CLEAR to that address in the M100 later. Run HEX2DO in the same directory provide the source file name SRC - HEX2DO will process this to produce SRC.DO SRC.DO is transferable over serial to the M100 as a basic program in .DO format. In the M100, clear to the ORG address, and then load/run SRC.DO
1.93 Kb
18.09.2019 19:47
Download 366
Instructions for using the LINE and XFER programs stored in SARDOS 1.70 for the NEC
802 b
15.09.2019 00:46
Download 375
SARDOS 1.70 for the NEC 8201/8300. This version is identical to 1.60 but I have used some of the extra space on the ROM for two utilities. LINE and XFER. Download SD170 INST.TXT for Instructions of how to use these new features.
32 Kb
15.09.2019 00:37

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