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13.07.2020 04:26
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This is a non-tokenized pure ASCII version of ASTRO.BA.
1.99 Kb
08.07.2020 01:22
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"Asteroids" style game for the TRS-80 Model 100 and Tandy 102. This was originally provided with the Booster Pak on rom, but it has now been extracted and made available to anyone who has a modern ROM-based disk operating system like TS-DOS. This requires the BASIC loader. It cannot exist as a .CO file in the M100's file system! It *must* be loaded using your DOS directly into high RAM, which is what ASTRO.BA does.
16.01 Kb
08.07.2020 01:22
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BASIC loader for ASTRO.CO. This will show you the instructions for the game, and then load ASTRO.CO into memory using device "0:", which TS-DOS "DOS-ON" feature provides. If you have a different DOS that uses a different device name, you'll have to change line 50 as appropriate.
1.76 Kb
08.07.2020 01:20
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Commented and expanded source file. View or modify this on a modern desktop computer. You can then compact it using the ROM2/Cleuseau option ROM to get something as compact as CLOCK2.DO/CLOCK2.BA.
20.48 Kb
26.06.2020 01:34
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Compacted but plain ASCII text version of CLOCK2 for the M100/T102. You can load this into your computer using Load "COM:" type of command.
17.68 Kb
26.06.2020 01:33
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Compacted and tokenized version of CLOCK2.BA for the M100/T102. This is the one you want to load into your computer using TS-DOS or equivalent.
13.77 Kb
26.06.2020 01:33
Download 17
CLOCK2 v1.1 for the TRS-80 Model 100, Tandy 102, and NEC PC-8201A/8300. What started as just an NEC conversion of Club100's CLOCK2.BA for the M100 has turned into a new release for all platforms. Everything in this ZIP file is also present in the CLOCK2 folder, for viewing and downloading of the individual pieces.
43.37 Kb
26.06.2020 01:31
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Commented and expanded source code, meant to be viewed/modified on a modern desktop computer.
22.06 Kb
25.06.2020 22:23
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ASCII version of the BASIC-compacted program - can be loaded into BASIC from another computer via a Load "COM:" command.
19.06 Kb
25.06.2020 22:23

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