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ZBGASM debugger / assembler for M100 * Programs only * Manual is a large file and can't be posted here, along with the programs.
6.86 Kb
16.09.2020 05:59
Download 47
Test version to find the error with Android 9 FOR TEST ONLY
373.07 Kb
05.08.2020 03:15
Download 64
This is the Booster Pak v1.23 "BP1" main system ROM image which includes the multi-page file display bug fix. With the original ROM, if you have more than two pages of files to display, you would only ever be able to see the second page of files when pressing shift-down. The third page of files or beyond was inaccessible due to a limitation in Traveling Software's TPDD client. Well, with this replacement BP1 system ROM image, the limitation is gone! The bug fix was originally made available in Ken Pettit's release of the TS-DOS 4.10 option ROM. This fix has been extended to all RAM versions of TS-DOS, as well as the SARDOS option ROM. And now, it is available for the "Disk" client that is in your Booster Pak's system ROM. Just burn this image to a standard 27C256 EPROM and replace your Booster Pak's "BP1" chip which would be all the way on the bottom-right side of your Booster Pak's sockets.
32 Kb
14.07.2020 20:35
Download 66
Old Versions
1.9 Mb
13.07.2020 04:26
Download 84
This is a non-tokenized pure ASCII version of ASTRO.BA.
1.99 Kb
08.07.2020 01:22
Download 89
"Asteroids" style game for the TRS-80 Model 100 and Tandy 102. This was originally provided with the Booster Pak on rom, but it has now been extracted and made available to anyone who has a modern ROM-based disk operating system like TS-DOS. This requires the BASIC loader. It cannot exist as a .CO file in the M100's file system! It *must* be loaded using your DOS directly into high RAM, which is what ASTRO.BA does.
16.01 Kb
08.07.2020 01:22
Download 91
BASIC loader for ASTRO.CO. This will show you the instructions for the game, and then load ASTRO.CO into memory using device "0:", which TS-DOS "DOS-ON" feature provides. If you have a different DOS that uses a different device name, you'll have to change line 50 as appropriate.
1.76 Kb
08.07.2020 01:20
Download 69
Commented and expanded source file. View or modify this on a modern desktop computer. You can then compact it using the ROM2/Cleuseau option ROM to get something as compact as CLOCK2.DO/CLOCK2.BA.
20.48 Kb
26.06.2020 01:34
Download 71
Compacted but plain ASCII text version of CLOCK2 for the M100/T102. You can load this into your computer using Load "COM:" type of command.
17.68 Kb
26.06.2020 01:33
Download 74
Compacted and tokenized version of CLOCK2.BA for the M100/T102. This is the one you want to load into your computer using TS-DOS or equivalent.
13.77 Kb
26.06.2020 01:33

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