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Download 273
Every file from the NEC Personal Application Kit tape. The Basic files have been saved as both ASCII files and tokenized basic. The barcode drivers are also here.
60.71 Kb
05.01.2019 06:23
Download 448
Set the time on your Model 10x to the NIST standard using a connection to your PC.
687 b
30.12.2018 23:37
Download 456
Instructions for the NISTPC program.
1.08 Kb
30.12.2018 23:36
Download 455
Program to set your date to one that does not make sense.
274 b
30.12.2018 23:20
Download 460
Information on the files in this directory.
1.13 Kb
30.12.2018 23:19
Download 476
This program generates characters for Top Secret, TSR's RPG of modern day espionage. Based on code originally printed in Dragon Magazine #63 written for the TRS-80 Model I.
6.51 Kb
20.12.2018 21:15
Download 409
patch_base_M10 - V2.asm
here is the updated V2 source file for building the ROM directly
209.17 Kb
08.12.2018 15:01
Download 415
recommend using this version - patch added to fix cold restart key sequence
32 Kb
08.12.2018 15:00
Download 406
This is the patch source ASM file used to build the ROM. If you want a different keyboard to be supported, you'd want to modify this file and rebuild the ROM using TASM or similar assembler.
208.8 Kb
08.12.2018 03:28
Download 405
This is a MAIN ROM for Olivetti M10. It is based on the T102 Main ROM. * this includes Y2K patch * this should enable compatibility with M100 Option ROMs and REX It is lightly tested. Please let me know if you find bugs.
32 Kb
08.12.2018 03:27

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