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18.08.2017 15:28

13.09.2017 21:02

14.09.2019 23:55

13.03.2015 16:17

07.09.2017 23:39

18.04.2016 14:54

13.07.2015 19:41

24.04.2019 03:56

DATES.BA A modified version of the DATES.BA program that came with Executive Calendar. This version works on the T200 as well as the 100 and 102. The original version has an issue when you try to exit when using a T200
12.93 Kb
19.06.2015 23:00

Kurt McCullum

DOS100.CO.MP3 TS-DOS 4.01 in MP3 Format. For those who don't have a ROM or DOS loader. SOUND OFF CLEAR 0, 57089 RUNM "CAS:DOS100.CO"
1.02 Mb
30.03.2016 18:29

Kurt McCullum

DOSNEC.CO Version 4.1 of TS-DOS for the NEC. This contains the Shift+Down Arrow bug fix
5.68 Kb
06.11.2014 23:47

Kurt McCullum Every file from the NEC Personal Application Kit tape. The Basic files have been saved as both ASCII files and tokenized basic. The barcode drivers are also here.
60.71 Kb
05.01.2019 05:23

Kurt McCullum

Setup250.EXE mComm 2.50 for Windows. A TPDD server for transferring files to and from your model-t. The updated ram versions of ts-dos are included in the install along with sardine for the M100 & T200. This version drops the TELCOM mode and replaces it with a virtual modem similar to mComm for Android. There is also a dos injector feature which will allow you to load ts-dos or teeny if you don't have them on your machine.
479.97 Kb
24.03.2018 16:45

Kurt McCullum

Shortcuts.png A graphic view of the keyboard shortcuts in TEXT/TWord
15.39 Kb
30.04.2015 17:15

Kurt McCullum

SideCar.pdf Manual for the Purple Computing SideCar memory expansion unit which can be used with the NEC 8201a or 8300
415.7 Kb
19.07.2016 01:46

Kurt McCullum

TSD201.BX Version 4.1 of TS-DOS for the T200. This version applies the Shift Up/Down patch that Ken Pettit made to the RAM versions of TS-DOS.
32 Kb
13.04.2015 19:10

Kurt McCullum

TSDNE1.BX Version 4.1 of TS-DOS for the NEC. This version applies the Shift Up/Down patch that Ken Pettit made to the RAM versions of TS-DOS.
32 Kb
13.04.2015 21:17

Kurt McCullum

mComm This is the manual for the Windows version of mComm. It discusses installation, cable requirements, TPDD mode, and remote connections.
121.94 Kb
24.04.2019 02:59

Kurt McCullum

terminfo.txt Linux/Unix terminfo file for the M100/102/8301 and the T200
654 b
20.12.2015 17:00

Kurt McCullum

Total Space Used: 2.18 Mb

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