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A memory dump program in BASIC for Model T's: Options: Output to LCD (default, 8 addresses per line) or COM port (15/line, default 9600bd) Hexadecimal (default) or Decimal addresses.
946 b
01.11.2022 21:36
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Version 1.96 of mComm for Android. A TPDD server that runs on your Android phone or Tablet. It supports all TPDD commands as well as the DeskLink directory extensions. It also acts as the Sardine Dictionary disk should you have the Sardine ROM. This expands the dictionary from 7k words to 33k words. Included in this release are the RAM versions of TS-DOS for the 100/200/NEC machines. The RAM version of Sardine for the 100 & 200 is also included for those of you who have the Ultimate ROM II and want to do some spell checking. This version support Bluetooth connections. You also have the option of creating a GLOBAL folder. Any open command will look in the current folder for the file and if it fails to find it, mComm will then check the GLOBAL folder and open the file from there is it finds it. This version fixes the load dos function on newer Android devices. Nothing else has been changed.
373.03 Kb
22.10.2022 21:18
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A Model 200 tokenized BASIC program that generates a "mockup" game board for Mahjong. The file "TILES.DO" must also be loaded as all tile images are stored as resources in that file. This is not a complete game at this point, only a mockup showing what AsciiPixels can do!
1.73 Kb
13.07.2022 19:10
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This is an AsciiPixels resource file to be loaded and used with the TJONG2.BA demo program on a Model 200. It contains the AsciiPixel image data for all the game tiles.
1.29 Kb
13.07.2022 19:08
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A tokenized BASIC program for the Model 200 demonstrating AsciiPixels.
1.13 Kb
13.07.2022 19:07
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The Model 200 version of AsciiPixels, a graphics library using encoded ASCII data for Model 100/102/200.
2.98 Kb
13.07.2022 19:06
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M100.def and friends for Telemark TASM assembler for dos/windows New: Tandy 200 support!!!
32.38 Kb
12.04.2022 07:08
Download 132
New: Tandy 200 support
43.26 Kb
12.04.2022 07:06
Download 142
New: Tandy 200 support!
40.75 Kb
12.04.2022 07:04
Download 196
Radio Shack demo for the Model 100!
4.43 Kb
20.02.2022 19:35

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