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26.06.2020 07:22

TXTADD.BA When in TEXT, you may find that you get sluggish text-entry performance with Ultrascreen active. A lot of times you might simply want to jot down your thoughts rapidly and having sluggish keyboard interaction can be quite distracting. This utility I've created does not do full-screen editing, but it does allow rapid appending of text to a .DO file and it makes use of Ultrascreen's 60x10 mode. [Updated 11/25/2007]
682 b
25.11.2007 23:15

Gary Weber

TXTADD.DO This is a non-tokenized pure ASCII version of TXTADD.BA.
966 b
25.11.2007 23:15

Gary Weber

ASTRO.BA BASIC loader for ASTRO.CO. This will show you the instructions for the game, and then load ASTRO.CO into memory using device "0:", which TS-DOS "DOS-ON" feature provides. If you have a different DOS that uses a different device name, you'll have to change line 50 as appropriate.
1.76 Kb
08.07.2020 01:20

Gary Weber

ASTRO.DO This is a non-tokenized pure ASCII version of ASTRO.BA.
1.99 Kb
08.07.2020 01:22

Gary Weber

STAR16.CO This is the binary version of STAR16. Don't bother with STAR16.DO if you already have the means of loading this directly into your M100s memory from Desklink, TPDD, or NADSBox via TS-DOS or some other DOS capable of binary file loading.
4.77 Kb
17.06.2009 02:46

Gary Weber Ultrascreen100 was the most significant display enhancement ever to come along for the Model 100. It switches your display into a smaller font and gives you 60 columns by 10 lines. That's 600 characters you get on the screen at one time, versus the standard 320. Even more, the Ultrascreen100 software was *very* smoothly integrated with the machine. The Main menu is always in the standard 40x8 mode, but when you jump into BASIC, TEXT, or TELCOM, you automatically switch into the 60x10 mode. Compared to Travelling Software's View80, which only gives you a 60x8 screen and requires activation through an extra step in their ROM software, Ultrascreen100 was clearly the better choice. Ultrascreen100 originally was sold by Ultrasoft Innovations back in 1986. As of November 23, 2007, it has been released to the public for free-distribution. Many thanks to Daniel Born (author) and Richard Eckerlin (Ultrasoft) for allowing this to become a reality!
7.29 Kb
24.11.2007 03:04

Gary Weber

STAR16.DO BASIC loader for STAR16.CO. **UNTESTED** This file is gigantic. It would need to reside in your M100s memory only in tokenized .BA form (delete the .DO file before running!) and even then, you'll need to run it, then DELETE the .BA (or type NEW if it is only in the temporary space), and *THEN* type the 'SAVEM "STAR16.CO", 58048, 62930, 58048' command.
15.86 Kb
17.06.2009 03:21

Gary Weber

ASTRO.CO "Asteroids" style game for the TRS-80 Model 100 and Tandy 102. This was originally provided with the Booster Pak on rom, but it has now been extracted and made available to anyone who has a modern ROM-based disk operating system like TS-DOS. This requires the BASIC loader. It cannot exist as a .CO file in the M100's file system! It *must* be loaded using your DOS directly into high RAM, which is what ASTRO.BA does.
16.01 Kb
08.07.2020 01:22

Gary Weber CLOCK2 v1.1 for the TRS-80 Model 100, Tandy 102, and NEC PC-8201A/8300. What started as just an NEC conversion of Club100's CLOCK2.BA for the M100 has turned into a new release for all platforms. Everything in this ZIP file is also present in the CLOCK2 folder, for viewing and downloading of the individual pieces.
43.37 Kb
26.06.2020 01:31

Gary Weber

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