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11.01.2019 23:47

11.08.2013 01:58

NOMENU.DO This explains how to prevent the Model T from exiting to the menu when you have to shut it down in the middle of a document.
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06.02.2007 11:40

Kaleb Marshall

JERNAL.BA This is the program I use to insert the day of the week, date, and time in my jernal. It uses the format: Tuesday November 22, 2005 08:32:35 PM When you first run it, it creates a file named using the first three letters of the month, a dash, then the year. Sample: NOV-05.DO
593 b
06.02.2007 11:40

Kaleb Marshall

TRNSFR.BA TRNSFR.BA allows you to transfer a .DO file from one Model T to another via a null-modem serial cable. This program has the advantage of transferring at 19200 baud, which means it takes seconds to transfer anything. The contents of the file are not displayed on screen. The disadvantage is that if a paragraph is greater than 256 bytes, it will put a paragraph mark in the middle of the paragraph. If anyone knows of a fix to this, please e-mail me at djjsak(at)
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06.02.2007 11:40

Kaleb Marshall

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