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m200ram.txt shows how to add a 24kb bank to the T200 using a single 32kb ram chip + some additional parts
6.3 Kb
06.07.2007 21:49

Steve Adolph

PC8201_M100_Memory_Upgrade.pdf PC-8201 and M100 both need those custom 8k ram modules. This document shows a reasonably simple way to use 62256 SRAMs to upgrade an 8k or 24k M100 to 32k, and a 16k PC-8201 to 2x32k. You need a 74hc138 decoder, but there are usually unused chips on the board relating to the old, unused 8k modules. This one document deals with upgrades to both. (For T102, just buy a 6264 SRAM chip!)
208.47 Kb
05.02.2010 15:50

Steve Adolph

Total Space Used: 214.77 Kb

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