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Paul Globman's Model "T" Program Collection
R. H. Pigford Updated 11/5/2008


Paul Globman is a terrific software writer and all around smart guy! He was a frequent contributor to Portable 100 Magazine and to the M100SIG on Compuserve in the 80's and early 90's.

On 01/11/2000, Paul gave me permission to post all of his software (even past commercial software) on web sites for the enjoyment of all Model 100/T102/T200 hobbiests as long as it is not used for commercial purposes. While this software is still copyrighted to Paul Globman, he grants to all hobbiests the use of his software without fee or registration requirement. So, if you encounter one of Paul's original requests for payment or registration, please DISREGARD those and DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO PAUL. Just go ahead and use it! Paul regrets that he cannot provide support for any of this software, and he cannot respond to any requests for support. I will try to answer your questions from a user's perspective, but my programming skills pale in comparison with Paul's.

The files on this disk are a combination of all of Paul Globman's original posts on Compuserve's M100SIG and his original commercial distribution files.

Most of the files dated 4/13/99 are a capture/download of all of Paul Globman's M100SIG posts prior to that date. In most cases, they are text only with programs included as text to be copy/pasted into BASIC on the M100/102/200 for subsequent run/save. Some include hexidecimal text intended for conversion to .CO programs via the HEXFER.BA program available elsewhere on Club100.

PLEASE check for "ready to use" versions of the same files on this disk (the ones with extensions of .BA, .DO, or .CO ) before going thru the long process of converting text files into programs.

Files dated 01/11/00, 01/12/00, and 01/13/00 are copies of Paul Globman's original software as distributed on Tandy Portable Disk (PDD) format disks in "ready to use" format.

Very large .DO files may have to be loaded into a desktop ASCII text word processor and split into two smaller files in order to make them small enough to download to the T200.

Paul Globman was one of the principle software providers for the Node Systems "Datapac" or "Rampac". This was an external memory storage device plugged into the system bus of the M102/T200. For the Node "Rampac" with the M100, a special ribbon cable and connector was needed to connect the M100 system bus to the Node "Rampac". Later, EME Systems took over production and sales of the RamPac device. Programs using the Node "Rampac" for the M100/T102 are indentified with a "100" extension (and for the T200 with a "200" extension). Paul wrote many great programs to use the "Rampac" under XOS-C on the T200.

DO NOT use the RAM version of TSDOS v4.0 with XOS-C! For a RAM based T200 disk operating system and XOS-C, please use the included DOS200.CO program. It is the 4.0 version of TSDOS, but "tweaked" by Paul Globman to be compatible with XOS-C. Under XOS-C, DOS200.CO in bank 3 should be accessed with the small DISK.BA program provided below. Be careful of TSLOAD.CO (I don't remember what it does). The use of TS-DOS on ROM with XOS-C is fine (and a great combination). TEENY also works with XOS-C. As XOS-C is a LOMEM system, it conflicts with ReMem by Steve Adolph. XOS-C works nicely with VirtualT on the PC and may be a great place to use it!

When using the XOS-C, keep the two important XOS-C programs (XOSLDR.CO and XOSDAT.CO) in one of the banks (best kept in Bank 3). In bank 3, cursor over XOSLDR.CO and hit Enter to run it. It returns to the Menu again. Do it again. Then go to BASIC in each bank, enter BASIC, then F8 to return to the Menu. This fully embeds XOS-C's capabilities in those banks. XOS-C files are linked below under pgxos. Note: I sometimes repeat this procedure this after "glitches" to reassure myself that XOS-C is still OK and on the job.

Have fun...
Bob Pigford

pg100 Programs by Paul Globman for the Model 100/102.
cmd100 Explanations of the concept of "CMD" programs that can be run from the MENU to operates on other files there, and how CMD.BA can be used to hide extensions of those programs.
dirsrt.100 Sorts your MENU files and moves within the directory so they display in alpabetical order.
error.tip How to program an error handler in BASIC that takes you right to the offending line.
run.100 A utility that resets HIMEM for you and runs a .CO program from the MENU.
teleme.102 Enhances TELCOM so that the TERM F7 key will give the user access to the RAMPAC via RAM100.CO.
toggle.100 Turn TELCOM's F6 into a scroll on/off toggle.

pg200 Programs by Paul Globman for the Model 200.
budget.bnk Build your own RAM bank memory chips.
budget.tip Tip for the above.
dbg.200 Powerful RAM memory debugger and memory viewer, etc.
esc-y.tip Good info on better ways to use ESC-Y versus PRINT@ for text placement on the LCD.
map-it.200 Draws the continental United States and prompts the user for a two character state.
memchk.200 Examines all RAM memory locations and reports any bad spots.
memchk.src Source code for the above.
qwksig.200 Reliable, unattended capture of new M100SIG threads with as small a program as practical. They are intended for FREQUENT SIG visitors.
rammap.200 Map of higher T200 memory locations and functions. Memory map showing functions at memory locations.
rampic.200 Block diagram of T200 memory.
search.200 Find the locations of a defined byte sequence and display the addresses where the sequence is found.
telbnk.200 Utility for WorldPort 1200 external modem. Enhancement to BASIC that provides BASIC access to files in other banks.

pggame Games programmed by Paul Globman
gaps.200 Solitaire challenge.
nim.100 Move stones against your opponent, the T200!
puzzl2.100 Can you alphabetize the letters in 50 moves? How about 30 moves? How about 20 moves? Have fun!!
puzzl2.200 Same as above for T200. A brain teaser.
puzzl3.prd Twenty eight mazes together! The .CO program and .DO files for are available above.
puzzl4.200 Imagine a Rubiks cube as a building with 27 rooms!
puzzle.100 Move the box? For M100/T102
puzzle.200 Move the box? For T200
puzzle.slv The solution?
pyrmid.200 My favorite form of Solitaire for the T200. Not easy to win.

pggene Generic programs by Paul Globman.
cluste.bat An MSDOS batch that will reduce the Cluster size echo from 4K to 1K. This will result in the recovery of echo a lot of wasted disk space. There should be no loss echo of speed when accessing files.
decide.doc A "situation evaluator" with decisions their relative weighted importance.
drctry.bp I think this produces a ,DO file reflecting the MENU directory. Not sure.
info.pdd A discussion outlining the communication structure needed to communicate with the PDD in FDC mode and Brother mode.
match.tip String matching code for your programs. A Brief Adaptation of Alfredo's Crushing Curiousity.
ml-pgm.tip Tips for better ML programming practices.
srom14.tip How to add "IF, THEN, ELSE" functionality to Lucid spreadsheets under SuperROM. A categorical syllogism consists of three sentences, two of which are premises, and the third being the conclusion inferred by the premises.

pgnode Programs for the Node RamPac by Paul Globman
datfil.100 A data organizer/filer program with user defined prompts and display parameters.
datnod.100 BASIC version of DATFIL that only allows the display function, and accesses data files stored in the Node RAMPAC/Datapac. This program requires N-READ.CO to be RAM.
floprd.100 How to re-save FLOPPY.CO for the TPDD-2 so that it will co-exist with RAMDSK.CO. RamPac access for the Model 100/102.
telnod.100 Enhances TELCOM so that the TERM F7 key will give the user access to the Node Datapac via RAMDSK.CO. Requires RAMDSK.CO.

datnod.200 A data organizer/filer program with user defined prompts and display parameters. Allows a BASIC program to have sequential access to TEXT files in Node RAM without having to move the entire file into T200 RAM.
ramdsk.prd T200 access to RAMDSK.
ramdsk.tip Additiona programming info for usage if RAMDSK.CO. Save a file from MENU direct to the RAMDSK. Can also be used as a "cmd" file in Bank 3 under XOS-C.
save.nod Integrates the operation of TELCOM with RAMDSK.CO and permits you to fully access the Node DATAPAC while on-line with the internal modem, without losing the carrier.
xtlcm2.nod An auto-dialer program for a WorldPort 1200 modem (et. al.) that keeps a record of successful logons and uses N-READ to access ADRS.DO in the Node RAMPAC/Datapac, and also uses XBASIC for keeping a "call log" in bank #2.

pgxos Paul Globman's premier XOS-C. A "cross bank" system for the T200 that maximizes overall T200 memory use. BE SURE TO READ xos-c.doc and below before installing and using XOS-C! Its a great system with great utilities! Really makes the T200 come alive with usefulness! The .CO program that provides an ALARM set function. See note below.
alarm.cmd Set alarm events in the future and the T200 will remind you.
cksm.cmd A file checksum program utility that can be run as a "Cmd" program as well. A "Cmd" program that can reside in Bank 3, but operated on the other banks to CLEAR memory and reset HIMEM to MAXRAM and free up max space for files.
datfil.cmd Same DataFile program ( as noted above for M100/T102 but for the T200.
datfil.tip DATFIL.CO was written to compensate for the removal of CRDFIL.BA from the M100SIG Data Libraries, and to provide ontinued usefulness of existing templates and utility programs. Data File program as a "Cmd" program. Put it in Bank 3 and operate it from the other banks.
dirsrt.cmd Sorts the T200 MENU directory alphabetically, I think. By using this small program, one can have access to the DOS200.CO stored in Bank 3 but without consuming the memory in bank 1 or bank 2 to store an entire copy of DOS200.CO. Special RAM version of TS-DOS tweaked by Paul Globman to work under XOS-C and non-XOS-C configurations.
invis.cmd Make filenames dissapear from the MENU but still be there. Makes a small loader program for .CO programs that are stored in Bank 3. Great for operating RAMDSK.CO from other banks without having a large copy taking up space there.
memo.cmd Use as a "Cmd" program. Bottom line becomes text entry of quick notes that will be stored in NOTE.DO in Bank 2. Great for ToDo lists.
mp2txt.cmd MP2TXT is a "MSPLAN to TEXT" utility that directs the printer output to a routine that writes to a TEXT file. MSPLAN does not offer an option to save a spreadsheet to a TEXT file for further editing/merging with other documents.
paste.200 Makes it possible to CUT from one bank and PASTE to another, without a lot of unnecessary steps. Not sure about this one. Has something to do with TSDOS loading.
xbasic.200 Enhancement to allow cross bank access to files under BASIC. Used by XOS-C in many situations.
xmaday.200 XMADAY.200 is the cross bank version of Wilson Van Alst's MAYDAY.200 and incorporates Van's BRRSET.200 for resetting the DAY, DATE, and TIME.
xosbas.tip Explanation of usage of XBASIC.CO enhancement to BASIC.
xos-c.200 Use HXFER.BA on this to create XOSDAT.CO and XOSLDR.CO needed for XOS-C. The completed files are also posted below.
xos-c.do2 Original distribution of XOS-C information and registration info. DO NOT REGISTER.
xos-c.doc OVERVIEW of XOS-C and how it is made to provide a cross bank operating system for the T200.
xos-cd1.doc Older overview of XOS-C download and licensing instructions. No longer applicable.
xos-cd2.doc Another OVERVIEW of XOS-C with additional info on XOSUTL and Rom key choice modification. One of two .CO programs that need to reside in Bank 3. The other is Another OVERVIEW of XOS-C and installation instructions. One of two .CO programs that need to reside in Bank 3. The other is
xosreg.prd Registration info for XOS-C. DO NOT REGISTER! I got this from Paul but I don't remember what it does and I have no source code for it. Provides a way to modify the Roms key choices under XOS-C.
xrambo.src Source code for using XOS-C with the EME RAMBO memory enhancement.
xtlcm2.200 Auto dialer for WP1200 modem that keeps record of successful calls and uses XBASIC.CO for cross bank operation.
xtlcm3.200 Adds functionality to TELCOM to jump to/from TEXT files while on-line. Also provides FIXDIR.BA that complements
xtlcm3.src Source code for the above. The PHILOSOPHY and best setup of XOS-C. If you plan to try XOS-C, please READ THIS first! The "Cmd" program for split screen viewing of two files at once, one in another bank.
x-view.cmd Explanation of X-VIEW operation. Using X-VIEW.CO as a "Cmd" program. Same as x-view.cmd info above.
x-view.src Source code for X-VIEW.CO.

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