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Club 100 thanks Lizard Hill Hosting for their generous service in hosting all of the Club 100 program and documentation files (over 1 gigabyte) for the continued benefit of Model 100, 102 and 200 owners world wide. Club 100 encourages folks to choose Lizard Hill Hosting as their domain hosting service. -Rick-

Document Hosting Provided by Lizard Hill Hosting
A-DUEL.BA 4997 (06-30-88)
A-DUEL.DO 1966 (06-30-88)
A very well done graphics game. It starts by having two players on opposite sides of a hill. You must enter values for gun angle and powder and try to shoot your opponent.
ADVEN1.BA 17875 (09-21-91)
ADVEN1.DO 511 (11-20-87)
Galaxy Trek adventure game. You are captain of the Starship Enterprise and awoke minutes ago to find an empty ship. What are you going to do? Good adventure game.
ALIEN.BA 2528 (06-30-88)
A fast action space invaders type arcade game.
ALIENS.BA 1282 (11-20-87)
Zap the falling creatures with your spacebar and rack up the points.
BANDIT.BA 5904 (05-15-96)
Save your money and load this computer version of a one armed bandit.
BJACK.100 4641 (12-16-92)
BJACK.200 5120 (08-04-89)
This is the classic game of black jack spruced up to work on your Model 100.
BOGGLE.BA 2820 (06-30-88)
BOGGLE.DO 946 (06-30-88)
Computer version of famous board game.
BOMB.200 6964 (12-22-90)
The Minneapolis police have discovered a timebomb at the airport. You have been assigned to open and diffuse the bomb. An exciting, real-time graphics adventure game.
BOXER.BA 11612 (11-20-87)
You pick the punches, and the jabs, blocks, etc., then watch your fighter go blow to blow with "The Champ!"
BOXGAM.BA 2555 (02-13-89)
A 2 player box game.
BRAKER.BA 2131 (06-30-88)
A "Mastermind" code breaker.
BRAIN.BA 3824 (07-01-88)
Brain Game for the Model 100.
BUGS.BA 3774 (06-30-88)
A child's bug builder game.
CHESS.100 4546 (11-19-87)
CHESS.200 5120 (08-04-89)
CHESS.DOC 1832 (11-19-87)
Match wits with this computerized version of Chess. Good graphics.
CRAM.100 1286 (11-19-87)
CRAM.200 2048 (08-04-89)
A real time arcade action game designed after the light cycles in TRON.
CRASH.BA 9832 (06-30-88)
You are in your plane, bad weather has suddenly come up. Suddenly you crash into a rough slope. Can you survive? An adventure game.
CRIBGE.BA 12362 (07-02-88)
CRIBGE.DO 6026 (07-02-88)
This is a two-handed Cribbage game between the Model 100 and the player.
CRMASS.200 3097 (12-22-90)
The object of Critical Mass is to capture squares. It's you against the computer, but watch out. If your play is too much the square explodes, sending excess mass into adjacent squares.
DEPTH.BA 1707 (06-30-88)
A game where you have to guess where a submarine is within a section of sea and then you can depth charge it.
DOMINO.BA 5327 (12-16-92)
A super graphics game of Dominos.
DRAGON.BA 9869 (07-02-88)
A graphics adventure game. You have been asked to recover the Arkenstone from Smaug the Terrible. Can you do it?
EIGHT.BA 6479 (11-20-87)
Crazy 8 card game in English.
ESCAPE.BA 2486 (11-20-87)
This is a graphics adventure game where you try to find the key and escape from the dungeon.
FENIX.BA 3211 (11-20-87)
Fast action, arcade type game. Try to shoot the birds out of the sky. They are mean and have no mercy.
FLIP.BA 4353 (11-19-87)
FLIP.DO 1641 (11-19-87)
This is a version of an old Chinese dice and flipper game. Where you play against the computer and try to get the largest total score of the dice.
FORTUN.BA 4121 (07-02-88)
Wheel of Fortune, complete with Vanna and Pat.
FOURSC.BA 6684 (11-19-87)
FOURSC.DO 3723 (11-19-87)
Four Seasons is the incredible game of Solitaire available to work on your portable computer. Keep it in your machine and play whenever you like.
FOXFTR.BA 2855 (11-19-87)
Save the city by zapping obstacles while you fly over the city.
FROGER.BA 2226 (11-20-87)
A Fast action game. Makes good use of sound and graphics.
FTBALL.200 8723 (06-09-89)
A exciting game of Football for the Model 200, from P100 magazine.
GRID.200 4342 (12-22-90)
GRID.DO2 2777 (12-22-90)
A high-resolution game of barriers and entrapment. Plays like the game TRON.
GUESS.BA 1997 (11-19-87)
We'll let you figure this one out.
HAM100.BA 2730 (11-20-87)
The famous game of Hammurabi. You are in charge of many lives.
HAUNT.BA 7505 (07-02-88)
Haunted house adverture game. You are lost and come to a strange looking house. As you enter the front door slams behind you and you hear an evil voice say "You will never leave here alive." What will you do?
HEART.100 11323 (11-20-87)
HEART.200 11783 (12-22-90)
HEART.DOC 3164 (11-20-87)
Fast action arcade game where you try to break as many hearts as possible, fun for all ages!
HEX.BA 2038 (11-20-87)
A version of HEX for the Model 100. The player moves a playing piece around the board inserting different pieces. The game uses good graphics.
HIDDEN.BA 4400 (06-30-88)
Hidden word puzzle generator.
HORSES.BA 5109 (11-20-87)
Play the ponies, and watch the race. Instructions included. It uses good graphics and sound effects.
HOUSE.BA 12030 (11-20-87)
A full adventure game.
HUIT.BA 6567 (11-20-87)
Crazy 8 card game in French.
JACK.BA 2790 (11-20-87)
The old classic card game implemented on today's technology. This version of Black Jack is you against the computer.
JIGSAW.BA 6361 (11-20-87)
Program turns the Model 100 into a sophisticated jigsaw puzzle.
LANDER.BA 3026 (06-30-88)
You are the pilot of a lunar-lander module. Your objective is to land the module and crew safely on the surface of the moon.
LEGACY.BA 21207 (11-19-87)
Graphics three-dimensional arcade type adventure game.
LIFE1.BA 1921 (11-20-87)
LIFE1.DO 2718 (11-20-87)
The age old game of Life.
LIFE2.BA 2856 (07-01-88)
New/better version of the game of life.
LOTTO.BA 425 (06-30-88)
Picks 6 numbers at random and displays them on the screen.
LPM.BA 12499 (06-17-91)
LPM.CO 6736 (06-17-91)
LPMDAT.CO 777 (06-17-91)
LPMDOC.DO 4209 (06-20-91)
Let's play monopoly. Yes, this is the famous Parker Brothers board game. Make sure you download all 4 LPM files with xmodem, ymodem, or other binary transfer protocol. Do not attemp to download via ASCII. The .BA and .CO files are not in ASCII; the .DO file is. Read the directions before attempting to run this program.
LUNAR.BA 2069 (06-30-88)
A graphics lunar lander game.
MAZE.BA 4601 (06-30-88)
This game puts the user in the middle of a maze and makes him try to find his way out. It uses all 3D graphics.
MAZE3D.BA 4122 (03-14-89)
Three dimensional maze program. You have a rats eye view, and you can move Up, Down, North, South, West, and East.
MILTON.BA 3660 (07-01-88)
A game for 1 to 9 players similar to Concentration.
MIND.BA 1652 (06-30-88)
MIND.DO 1288 (06-30-88)
Mastermind game.
MSTRMD.BA 1602 (07-01-88)
The game of mastermind.
NEWOTH.BA 3528 (07-02-88)
A rewrite of OTHELO.BA.
NIM.BA 2824 (11-20-87)
Age-old game in the new computerized form -- hard to win.
NSUB.BA 22170 (11-19-87)
TIPS.DO 2740 (11-19-87)
You have not seen a game this advanced for the Model 100. A text adventure that is very tough to solve.
OTHELO.100 3400 (11-20-87)
OTHELO.200 4749 (12-22-90)
OTHELO.DOC 338 (11-20-87)
This is the Model 100 version of the age old game of wit named Othello.
PENTOS.BA 6262 (11-20-87)
Choose either Checkerboard, Pentomino. An interesting game of logic.
PING.BA 1915 (06-30-88)
Age old game of Pong with a new twist.
PLANDR.BA 776 (11-20-87)
PLANET.DO 8102 (11-20-87)
PLANET.DOC 3528 (11-20-87)
Creates a fast action, quick paced m/l game for the M100 called Planet Protector! Uses fast action graphics & sound. PLANET.DO Data file used to create PLANET.CO.
PONG.BA 1774 (11-20-87)
PONG.DO 816 (11-20-87)
Do you remember the old PONG games which were the first computer games available? If so, you will enjoy this fast paced two player game which is exactly like the arcade game.
PUZZLE.BA 1502 (11-20-87)
Classic game, FIFTEEN SQUARES PUZZLE, implemented on the M100 It is a grid of 15 letters. One space is empty and you have to move the others around by manipulating them around the square until all the numbers are in order.
QUEST.200 14459 (06-09-89)
A Dungeons and Dragons game for the Model 200, from P100 magazine.
RAIDER.BA 2064 (06-30-88)
Another fun to play shoot-em-up game.
RATER.BA 3691 (11-20-87)
Use this program to go the the horse races and rate the horses -- must understand a racing form.
ROULET.BA 2842 (11-28-90)
This program allows you to release programming tension by naming a hated program. Good graphics program.
SEXFUN.BA 1638 (11-28-90)
This clever program keeps you alert by giving you an adventure in program debugging, with a reward! Some of you will find this concept offensive.
SHARKS.100 2533 (06-30-88)
SHARKS.200 2572 (12-22-90)
SHARKS.DOC 2954 (06-30-88)
Watch in horror as hungry sharks eat the tiny fish, you set the conditions!
SHOOT.BA 2818 (11-20-87)
Aim and load the cannon to destroy the enemy in this fast action, graphics arcade game. A game of skill.
SHTL.BA 5312 (11-19-87)
SHTL.DO 2250 (11-19-87)
Put on your goggles and fasten your seat belts and practice flying on this real Flight Simulator.
SKYDIV.BA 2818 (06-30-88)
Cute little game that puts you in the position of landing the skydiver from a flying plane onto a pad.
SLOTS.BA 3279 (07-01-88)
Play the slots on your model 100. Real time action game.
SMARTT.BA 4816 (05-29-92)
SMARTT.DO 3821 (07-01-88)
A smart version of Tic-Tac-Toe. This version learns how to play and gets better as you play it more often.
SMAUG.BA 16821 (11-20-87)
This is a very good adventure game, with on screen graphics.
SOLIT2.200 6266 (12-22-90)
Enjoy a friendly card game with your Model 200. Great graphics!
SQUARE.100 6380 (11-19-87)
SQUARE.200 7168 (08-04-89)
SQUARE.DOC 380 (11-19-87)
This traditional game is modeled after a card game called Poker Solitaire. The object is to get the highest score possible with the 10 poker hands formed by the rows and columns. Good graphics!
SUB100.BA 3056 (07-01-88)
There is an enemy sub within 50 to 200 miles of your ship. You have 12 missiles to destroy it but your sonar is being jammed. Can you do it?
TICTAC.BA 1383 (11-20-87)
TICTAC.DO 779 (11-20-87)
Three dimensional, four in a row Tic-Tac-Toe game -- two players. Features graphics and quick keyboard response.
TICTAK.BA 3040 (11-20-87)
Another computer version of Tic-Tac-Toe. This one features on screen graphics, and plays a pretty good game.
TOXIC.BA 2999 (11-20-87)
TOXIC.DO 1127 (11-20-87)
Attack and destroy as many toxic waste factories as possible ans avoid the roving monster. Includes good graphics.
TXTADV.BA 13899 (06-30-88)
A fun text adventure program.
VPOKER.BA 4623 (07-01-88)
Poker program. Screen graphics.
WLDWST.BA 1644 (07-01-88)
Wild West shootout, Model 100 style.
WUMPUS.200 8238 (12-22-90)
WUMPUS.DO2 2331 (12-22-90)
Your objective is to find and shoot the Wumpus before you run out of arrows and/or some disaster befalls you. Great graphics!
ZOID.BA 3939 (11-19-87)
An action packed game with graphics and sound.
WHEEL.100 6042 (04-03-91)
WHEEL.DOC 5888 (01-09-91)
PHRASE.DO 1408 (01-09-91)
For those who can't get enough Wheel of Fortune on TV, complete with phrases!
X-O-X.BA 2038 (03-28-91)
A Tic-Tac-Toe game that can't be beat, and it has superb graphics!

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