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I developed the Club 100 web site and am the web master ... what we used to call the sysop (system operator) back in the BBS (bulletin board system) days. Even back in those early days, friends helped develop features and content. The same is true for the Club 100 web site. The following people help out on features and content here at These people are also some of the main providers of fun and technical support on the Club 100 Discussion List. 

Truthfully, without the interest and skills of these fellow Model "T"ers Club 100 would not be the special place that it is today. A big thank you is in order. Furthermore, one day I will move onto another planet. It is my hope that these individuals will maintain this resource for generations to come. -Rick Hanson-

Since Rick's passing in 2011, Ken Pettit has taken over as the primary web master for Club100, with support from the co-sysops as needed.

Ken Pettit, San Diego, CA, USA
Established and maintains the Personal Libraries feature.  Also has taken over as the primary web master.

Jake Bickhard, Derby, KS, USA
Public Library Administrator. Maintains, updates and organizes the public on-line library and associated files.

Ron Wiesen, Cocoa, FL, USA
Maintains the Radio Amateurs List content, keeps Bubba under control and is the keeper of the Primortial Bit.

Roger Merchberger, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, USA
Established and maintains the Discussion List feature.

Gary Weber, Hillsboro, OR, USA
All-around "Web Development Guy". Gary also runs and is "the support" for all the NEC PC-8201A/PC-8300 users.

Doug McComber, Lower Sackville, NS, Canada
Wrote the scripts that protect the Forsale, Wanted and GuestBook features from spammers.

John Hogerhuis, Fullerton, CA, USA
Professional programmer, author of the LaddieCon program, ReMem and Rex software and sysop of

Ron Hudson, Sacramento, CA, USA
Professional at all things electronic. Ron's intense knowledge, multi-talent and helpful spirit has been invaluable in support and details.

Each of the co-sysops have the login and password for the Club 100 hosting service. And speaking of which, allow me to introduce that relationship:
The host provider is Don O'Neil. He is the founder/owner of I met Don electronically via a recommendation from Prof. Charles Good, Venedocia, OH. Charles did all the Portable 100 Magazine scanning for the club starting in '02. When I mentioned that it would be nice to store all the documents on-line for the benefit of all concerned, but that it would be way to expensive, he put in a word with Don. Don sponsors a number of user group files via ftp. I immediately moved all my hosting requirements -- and I have a number of domains and used to manage many more -- to Needless to say, Don and I are friends now. Don used to be in San Jose but moved to Las Vegas a few years ago. He's a real estate broker during the day and a host provider at night. The server is in a server farm in LA. Don, and lizardhill, and the farm are all stable ... which is one of the biggest issues in site hosting.

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