Club 100

30th Anniversary Model 100 Programming Contest
"Programmer's Choice"

Club 100
Excellent news!!
One of the Club100 members (who has asked to remain anonymous) has graciously donated prize money for the competition! The top three winning entries will receive the following prizes:
  1. The Rick Hanson Award. $100 cash plus a shiny new NADSBox.
  2. $50 cash.
  3. $25 cash.

CONTEST ENTRIES in last name order...

Okay, so here are the contest rules
  1. There is no specific theme for this contest.  Programs can be a game, utility, cool graphic display, music, you name it!   
  2. The drop-dead date to submit an entry is April 30th, 2013.
  3. Your objective is to submit a fully functional program with a documentation file explaining your program goal, your approach and any use details necessary.
  4. The program must be a new development (vs imrovement to an existing work) and can be any format (BASIC, .CO, Option ROM, etc.).
  5. Submit programs via email to
  6. Programs should preferrably be capable of running on a real Model T, if not then execution in VirtualT is acceptable.
  7. After all the programs are submitted, I will set up a separate blog page for each program and doc file, wherein people may download the files, test them out, and then make their comment.
  8. Judging will be by all of us using an online voting system that I will setup when the time comes.
  9. Lastly, have fun!

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