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11.08.2013 01:58 This is a module (i.e., has only Top and End addresses but no Exe address) which holds pixilation information for character codes from 32 through 127 which BASIC program TYPEME.BA paints on the LCD as 1-3/4 inch high symbols. The symbols are smooth shaped. HIMEM requirement is 53905, Top address is 53905, End address is 58512. Note that the HIMEM area from 58513 upwards to 1 cell address below the Point of MAXRAM (typically 62959 where MAXRAM is at 62960) may be used concurrently without conflict for other purposes (e.g., for an instance of TEENY.CO).
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17.11.2011 10:58

Ron Wiesen Monitors a Ten-Tec Omni VI transceiver via RS-232C port of M10x laptop. Requires file LARGER.CO which is a module holding the pixilation information that defines the large 1-3/4 inch high characters that are painted on the LCD. Note that TYPEME.BA sets MAXFILES=1 and registers itself as the IPL program -- it is not intended to ever end. If you end it by CTRL-C keystroke, then be sure to type IPL in order to unregister it and, if you wish, also type MAXFILES=0 to reclaim the memory consumed by external File Buffer #1.
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17.11.2011 10:52

Ron Wiesen This is the textual equivalent of file TYPEME.BA.
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17.11.2011 16:40

Ron Wiesen

EndAdapt.bmp Schematic of Tandy Model 10x to Omni VI Serial Cable End-Adapter -- this circuitry should be built inside a Radio Shack "RS 232 SHIELDED JUMPER BOX" (Cat# 276-1403A). Because its circuitry is symmetrical, this adapter may be mounted either at the Tandy Model 10x end (i.e., DTE end) of the serial cable or at the Omni VI end (i.e., DCE end) of the serial cable. Use an ordinary 25-wire serial cable (i.e., not a Nul-Modem cable) that has a DB25M connector at each end, and attach this Tandy Model 10x to Omni VI Serial Cable End-Adapter to either end.
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19.11.2011 10:00

Ron Wiesen

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