Club 100

by Rick Hanson

The following program is offered free of charge to help Model 100, 102, and 200 users access DeskLink (see disk and manual) if they do not already have a DOS (FLOPPY.CO or FLOPPY) in their Model 100, 102 or 200. TS-DOS on ROM is highly recommend, or any of the TS-DOS Loaders on ROM, as available on the Ultimate ROM II or Sardine ROM available from Club 100 (see catalog)

Relax... you do not have to key this program into your Model 100/102/200. It's on the DeskLink disk in the ROOT subdirectory. You simply have to link your Model 100/102/200 to your DOS/Windows computer via a null-modem cable and load it manually. Here's how you do that:

Connect your Model 100/102/200 to your DOS/Windows computer via a null-modem cable. You "must" know what COM port you are using on your DOS/Windows computer, i.e. COM1, COM2, etc.

NOTE: This assumes that you have downloaded the DL-ARC.EXE file from the Club 100 web site, have loaded it into a sub-directory (AKA folder) named C:\ROOT and have run the DL-ARC.EXE to dislodge its contents.

  1. Go into the C:\ROOT directory.
  2. Go to the DOS prompt on your DOS/Windows computer.
  3. Type TEENY /? and press Enter. Explanation and options show on screen.
  4. Type TEENY and press Enter. With no options this uses COM1 at 19200 Baud.
    It aborts for any device other than a Model 100/102/200 laptop, such as a NEC PC-8201A, modem, etc. -- no harm is done.
  5. Just do what it says. You end up with DeskLink going in your DOS/Windows computer, and TEENY.CO going in the laptop.

    NOTE: After you use TEENY.CO for awhile, you will want to try TS-DOS RAM version. In the archive is DOS100.CO for the Model 100 and 102, and DOS200.CO for the Model 200. Use TEENY.CO to load DOS100.CO or DOS200.CO. After it is loaded, do the following:

  6. Exit Teeny
  7. Go into BASIC
  8. Key in the following commands, pressing Enter after each one:
    CLEAR0,57100 (Models 100 and 102) or CLEAR0,55200 (Model 200)
  9. Exit BASIC
  10. Put your bar cursor over DOS100.CO or DOS200.CO and press Enter
  11. The docs for TS-DOS are in the Library Documentation category at the Club 100 web site.

by Ron Wiesen

In the archive is TEENYDOC.TXT, which is the comprehensive documentation of Teeny -- four manuals in one text file. Although it renders well with any non-proportional font (such as Courier) under any PC "viewer" facility you might have, TEENYDOC.TXT is made for hard copy printing. Use the low-tech print method -- just COPY it, as-is, to your local printer port. The four manuals separately emerge at the printer. Do it as follows.
  1. If the PC operates under Windows, get command line control of the PC -- "Start" then "Programs" then "MS-DOS Prompt" is the typical route. If the PC operates under DOS, you always have command line control so this is not an issue.
  2. At the command line prompt, type COPY TEENYDOC.TXT PRN and then press Enter. You are done.

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