Club 100

The DeskLink Archive
by Rick Hanson, Proprietor, Club 100

The whole idea behind the DeskLink archive, and The HOT Setup is to respond to the #1 concern by Model "T" users, world wide. And that is, to be able to transfer files between their Model "T" computer and their DOS/Windows computer. In other words, if you are reading this, and you are shaking your head up and down, and saying something like, "Yeah, that's what I want to do." then you are absolutely not alone! I get hundreds of emails a month on this one subject.

We have made this whole process as easy as we could. And the "we" is myself, Rick Hanson in Pleasant Hill CA, and a fellow Model "T" enthusiast, good friend, and staff member, Ron Wiesen, in Cocoa FL. To make a long story short, Ron and I put our heads together and perfected a solution that will get Model 100/102/200 users communicating almost immediately. NEC PC8201A users will need do a few more things.

Model 100/102/200 users, listen up
Within the DL-ARC.EXE archive you will find a file named TEENY.EXE. Ron wrote TEENY and did a masterful job for the benefit of all concerned. Download the DL-ARC.EXE file into a sub-directory on your hard disk named C:\ROOT. Run the file to deARC its contents. Then, run TEENY.EXE /?.

Now, here's a few words from Ron:
TEENY.EXE is a PC-based executable. TEENY.EXE works under Windows or under DOS. It installs TEENY in the Tandy laptop (Model 100, 102, or 200) by direct COM-port-to-COM-port injection. The PC screen guides you "by the nose" through everything.

And by having TEENY.EXE in the same directory as DESKLINK.COM, when you invoke TEENY.EXE, life gets simple. After installing TEENY in the laptop, TEENY.EXE invokes DeskLink on your behalf and simultaneously the PC screen exclusively shows all the "laptop type" file names that are within the laptop as well as those that are within the PC directory.

A few notes on hardware for DeskLink...
Before you are able to enjoy easy file transfers, you will need to connect a null-modem cable between your COM1 or COM2 port on your PC and the RS232C port on your Model 100/102/200 or NEC PC8201A. This will be a no-brainer for some of you and a trial and error or clueless endeavor for some of you. In any case, either figure it out yourself or call one of your local buddies to come over to your place and help you out. See Cable Diagrams for a cable diagram.

After you get things going, and you are using TEENY to transfer files, you might want to use TEENY to load in DOS100.CO (Model 100/102) or DOS200.CO (Model 200). These are the RAM-based versions of the famous TS-DOS by Traveling Software. Trust me, if you like TS-DOS RAM version, you will absolutely flip loops for the ROM version. The ROM version is available for Model 100/102, Model 200 and the NEC PC8201A. See our catalog for details.

Okay... that's it... now stop reading this junk, go download the DeskLink archive and get to work.

Model Ts Forever!
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