Club 100

The DeskLink Screen

When DeskLink is running on your PC, you get this screen. It's kind of boring to look at, but behind the scenes this program, when running, turns your big, powerful wiz-bang PC into a wimpy old Tandy Portable Disk Drive (tpdd) from the serial ports point of view. And with this action taking place on your PC, your Model 100, 102, 200 or NEC PC8201a, equipped with a DOS (TS-DOS on ROM is the best but others will work) will easily save and load all file types (.DO, .BA and .CO) to and from your PC.

Good news for Mac users: Reports are coming in that with a PC emmulator running and with the right cable, this action is now available to Mac users.

                      DESK-LINK (version 1.05)
                 (c) 1987, Traveling Software, Inc.

Desk-Link Software is now active in your directory:
Desk-Link communicating via PC serial port COM1 at 19200 baud.

To use Desk-Link:

1) Connect a null modem serial cable to your laptop computer
   and your IBM PC (or compatible) serial port.

2) On your laptop computer, activate either:

      • BOOSTER PAK software
      • TS-DOS

Your IBM PC will now become a disk drive for your laptop computer.

To exit Desk-Link, Press F10 or <ctrl> <c>.

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